Importance of Good Landlord Insurance


Do you have the correct cover?


All too often, we at Imperial Claims Consultants, come across landlords, who don’t have any or the right level of insurance cover for their rental properties.  This usually only transpires once a disaster has occurred and they look to us for help and assistance following the insurance company declining their claim.

I think to some degree we all treat our property insurance as a financial bind, always looking for the cheapest quote, however it is important to ensure that you obtain the best cover and insure for the worst possible case scenario, we all hope to never need to make a claim, but it is vital that you have good quality cover in place should the need ever arise.

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Tenants, do you have insurance cover for your possessions?



Why risk losing everything you own?


Here at Imperial Claims, we have recently assisted several landlords following fires at their  rental properties. The Landlords all had good levels of building insurance, including loss of rent cover, meaning their rent will be covered until the property is repaired and is able to be re-let, however not one of the tenants had any insurance cover for their possessions and have lost absolutely everything.


May people are not aware that Landlords Insurance cover does not cover tenants furnishings or possessions,  tenants must take out their own policy. Read More

Summer Home Safety


Don’t get caught out by opportunist thieves.



With the onset of some sunshine and warmer temperatures, we often become a little complacent about security of our homes, outbuildings and garages.   We have doors and windows open day and night, as means of easy access to the garden and to let air circulate around our homes. However this is payday for opportunist burglars.  

Only this weekend my elderly neighbours had  been enjoying the sunshine in their garden and had their french doors open.  Their garden is surrounded by a 6ft 6 fence and gate, which is locked with bolts in 2 positions.   They popped upstairs to put some washing away, , leaving their french doors open, when they returned not 10 minutes later, someone had entered their home, stolen their laptop, jewellery tv and other belongings. Read More

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