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We can help you manage your insurance claim and it doesn’t have to cost you a penny! Our service costs you the insured nothing, provided our sister company Imperial Maintenance and/or its panel of sub-contractors are used* If we carry out your reinstatement work, we pay your insurance excess! If you are an insured home owner or a landlord, and you need to make an insurance claim following a fire, flood or any other large-scale loss or damage to your property, then contact us now – it’s very likely we can help you.

*If an external sub-contractor is used, a claims handling fee may be applicable.


Tel: 0330 120 0494 and 24/7 on 07943 862190


Imperial Claims Consultants are an independent insurance claims management company. We have substantial experience in working with homeowners, landlords, commercial and industrial insurance claims. After a distressing or life threatening event we know just how traumatic these situations can be. We can assist our clients by providing them with help from professional therapists if required, amongst a whole array of other emergency responses. Urgent professional assistance when you need it the most. We’re passionate about your claim and truly do care for our clients.

Professionally, we’re known as Loss Assessors. Imperial Claims are a Financial Conduct Authority registered company. We are authorised to assist you with your property insurance claims. Our service will not cost you, the insured, anything provided you use our panel of contractors. If you prefer to use external sub-contractors there may be a handling fee. If you need to make a property based insurance claim, we assess the damage, review costs involved and discuss your claim with the insurers or loss adjusters right the way through to settlement. We aim to provide you with a one stop shop solution, making it as easy as we possibly can for you. From the moment you call Imperial Claims Consultants, you will have just one point of contact with your very own Imperial Claims Project Manager who will be there from your first phone call to the completion of your insurance claim.

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When you’re dealing with a disaster such as a fire, flood, burglary or vandalism, it’s traumatic and emotionally draining. Add to that the complex process of making your insurance claim, the distress of remembering everything you’ve lost, what needs to be replaced and sometimes, finding somewhere to live! It is one of the most emotionally and financially draining events you will ever deal with.

Which is why using Imperial Claims Consultants to help you makes perfect sense. Using our expertise, is easier for you because we take care of everything. We negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf to get you every penny you’re entitled to.

We can organise the reinstatement or rebuild of your home or commercial property with the help of our sister company Imperial Maintenance Ltd. You just need to focus on getting on with your life.

We’ve got 80 years of experience in dealing with insurance companies for people who’ve gone through situations like yours. We only ever work on behalf of people like you, the insured, we never work for the insurance company.

Your insurance company will have a team of experts to call on to investigate your claim. You’ll meet their loss adjuster whose sole job is to ensure the insurance company pays out as little as possible. You may even find yourself questioned as if you’ve done something wrong. We’ll never let this happen to you.

You will have your own Imperial Claims loss assessor to negotiate the best possible outcome for you.


Tel: 0330 120 0494 and 24/7 on 07943 862190