How does an insurance claim work through Imperial Claims Consultants?

Successful insurance claims are based on process. Following the right process increases your chance of making a successful claim dramatically – and the process starts as soon as you talk to your insurance company.

A typical claims process would be:

1. In cases involving criminal activity (such as theft or malicious damage), you should call the police to report the incident and obtain a Crime Reference Number.

2. Call Imperial Claims Consultants and instruct us to act on your behalf.

3. We visit the scene of the loss with you and/or your agent.

4. We go through your insurance policy thoroughly.

5. We help you to prepare a schedule of the loss.

6. We liaise with you to obtain estimates to repair or replace and reinstate the loss.

7. We hold meetings with your insurance company’s loss adjuster and negotiate on your behalf.

8. You get your settlement from your insurance company and if this is the case we would charge a percentage of the settlement, which we would have agreed at the start.

9. We will only charge you in line with the fees as listed here:

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