Before & After: Cannabis farm fire insurance claim

Cannabis Farms are illegal – that goes without saying. But they can also cause substantial and very expensive damage to properties – often owned by unsuspecting landlords.

For the latest in our successful claim case studies, we look at photos of a house taken before and after a cannabis farm fire insurance claim – the property had been devastated by fire as a result of the illegal operation.

The UK is the largest supplier and producer of cannabis, according to the Independent newspaper. In 2016, it is said that the UK produced  almost 50% and exported roughly 70% of the world’s total cannabis supply. So it’s no surprise that cannabis farms are on the rise. You can read more in our recent blog post on cannabis farms and the threat they pose to landlords.

Photos of the property after the fire

You can see that the house was not only ravaged by fire, but also badly damaged by the cannabis farm itself, with major damage to ceilings where ventilation had been installed. There was also a lot of dangerous electrical fittings and generally the property was very run down inside and out.

Why you should use a loss assessor

And here is the same property after Imperial Claims Consultants (loss assessors) handled the cannabis farm fire insurance claim on behalf of the insured policy holder and returned the house to its former glory.

If you’re a landlord and have had one of your properties damaged by a cannibis farm – either by deliberate damage, fire or flood. Get in touch with us here at Imperial Claims Consultants.