Before & After: House Fire Insurance Claim

There can be nothing more devastating than losing your home, and all your treasured possessions, in a house fire.

Welcome to the first in our series of Before & After insurance claims case studies.

At Imperial Claims, we hope you never have to go through it, but unfortunately it happens. And when your home is destroyed in a house fire, we want to make sure you get back on your feet with the best possible outcome for you and your family or, if you’re a landlord, your tenants.

Insurance claims can be tricky to handle yourself, so use a loss assessor

We are a loss assessor, and that basically means we work for you – the insured homeowner or landlord – and NOT the insurance company. Our service can cost you NOTHING and the payout from your insurer can mean your home can be renovated to a fantastic standard ready for you to start rebuilding your life after such an awful tragedy.

Here’s an example of a house that was pretty much destroyed in a fire.

Imperial Claims managed the claim on the insured policyholder’s behalf and our sister company, Imperial Maintenance, carried out the renovation work. We restored the property to a top quality finish, as you can see below:

Fantastic results we are very proud of.

If your life has been affected by a house fire, flood, subsidence or anything else that means you need to make a substantial insurance claim, then visit our contacts page now and get in touch.

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