Before & After: Insurance claim after illegal activity

It’s every landlord’s nightmare – you’re renting out a property (or it’s lying empty for a while) and someone is using it as a veritable den of iniquity.

That’s what happened to the property featured in our latest Before & After insurance claims case studies.

This particular property had clearly been used for drug taking and the inhabitants had zero regard for their landlord and the home they were living in.

Before the claim

As you can see, the property was a mess. General misuse of the property had almost torn it apart from floor to ceiling.

Call in the loss assessors

As a loss assessor, it’s the job of Imperial Claims Consultants to work on behalf of the insured policy holder to get the best result possible when it comes to insurance clams. In this case, as you can see, we restored the property to an amazing standard – the next set of tenants would never have imagined what it used to look like!

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