Cannabis Farm Claims: Helping You Overcome Difficulties

If you are a victim of a disaster such as damage resulting from a cannabis farm, often the first thing you will automatically do is to reach for the telephone and call your insurance company, thereby inevitably involving yourself in a long, complex and ultimately frustrating battle to get the compensation you deserve.

Dealing with insurance companies has become time-consuming and frustrating!

You can be passed around from one person to the next, leaving you feeling that you have little control over the situation.

In the event of a natural disaster, or are victim to illegal activity such as cannabis farm fire or damage to your property, Imperial Claims Consultants will take control of the situation by working to ensure the efficient and timely process of your claim for the best recovery of your assets.

With a single point of contact, you’ll avoid the difficulties and complications that ensue from being passed around from person to person, ensuring that it is you who ultimately gains from the case and not your insurer.

cannabis farm
  • Assistance with your claim – experts in insurance claims and dealing with loss adjusters.
  • Practical advice on a post-disaster situation
  • Project management of your claim, with expertise in cannabis farm claims
  • Taking the stress off the policy holder – We take away the pain and worry with your insurance claim
  • Maximisation of your claim – We ensure you get fast and fair settlement from the insurance company
  • We take control of the Insurance Company’s Loss Adjuster to ensure you are stress free
  • For a quality service which is second to none 
  • We are available 7 days a week providing you with a personal and professional service
  • Independent


Imperial Claims is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority, meaning we are authorised to assist insured policyholders with their insurance claims. We work only for you, the policyholder, never the insurance company.

Our service costs you nothing, provided our sister company Imperial Maintenance Ltd and/or its panel of sub-contractors are used. And remember, if we carry out your reinstatement work, we pay your insurance excess! (if an external sub-contractor is used, a claims handling fees may be applicable).

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