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Has a Cannabis Farm caused damage to your property? Get in touch today!

Imperial Claims Consultants are multi-award winning and nationally recognised Insurance Claims Consultants. We represent YOU, the policyholder ensuring you get the most from your Cannabis Farm Insurance Claim.

  • We look after YOUR INTERESTS, not your insurers
  • You will have your own Dedicated Claims Manager to walk you through every step of the process
  • We assist with all aspects of your claim including emergency works, claim handling and reinstatement of the damages
  • We have over 120 years combined insurance claims handling experience

We can be most effective when you contact us BEFORE your insurance company. So don’t delay and contact us today. 0330 120 0494

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Making your Cannabis Farm Damage Claim has never been easier

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Call us on 0330 120 0494 or 07943 862190, ideally BEFORE calling your insurance company. Our team will discuss your claim in details and give you some realistic expectations. We will also advise on emergency repairs and important next steps.

We negotiate for you

We will negotiate with your insurance company, ensuring that every aspect of your claim has been fully considered and  secure for you the best possible settlement. By allowing us to negotiate on your behalf we can protect you from common mistakes that invalidate part or all of your claim.

We organise your repairs

We have a wide range of dedicated, independent, fully vetted contractors who can assist with every part of any works that are required. From essential emergency repairs to prevent further damages to ongoing restoration works, we can help with it all.

Why Use Imperial Claims Consultants?

We only ever work on behalf of people like you, the insured, we never work for the insurance company.

We manage all of your concerns including

  • Removing the stress of the claims procedure
  • Protecting you from invalidating your claim
  • Ensuring all potential losses are included
  • Maximising the settlement from your insurer
  • Advising and managing all repair works

For your successful claim you have 2 options and both are as you would expect on a No Win No Fee basis.

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Option 1

If our team of independent and fully vetted contractors carried out the works for you then you would not have any fees to pay us at all. That’s because the contractor would pay our fee.

All works carried out by our team come with a full 2 years warranty.

Plus, if you chose this option then the contractor would even pay your insurance excess for you!

Option 2

If you chose to have the works carried out by your own team then we would charge you a small fee.

Remember, if we are unsuccessful in obtaining a successful outcome for you then you don’t have anything to pay us. We fund our own time, so we have strong reasons to achieve maximum settlement of you insurance claim in the shortest possible time, which allows us to offer the No Win No Fee service.

What we can do for you

Professional Claims Handling

Dealing with a claim is traumatic and stressful and when something happens you want to talk to somebody immediately. Our main office is open from 5am daily and we run a 24/7 support line so you can always reach our team.

Damage Assessment

We are experienced in dealing with your insurance companies loss adjusters right the way through the settlement. We assess the damages, review the costs and ensure you get everything you are entitled too maximising your settlement.

Extensive Experience

We know just how traumatic dealing with a cannabis farm damage can be. We can assist our clients by providing them with help from professional therapists if required, amongst a whole array of other emergency responses. We’re passionate about your claim and truly do care for our clients.

No Win No Fee

No Win, No Fee

We operate on a No Win No Fee basis with no upfront costs. In the unlikely event that your claim is declined, you won’t have any fees to pay. Should your claim be successful, Imperial claims charge only a small percentage of the settlement.

We deliver a higher quality of works

Our dedicated claims team does more than ensure your claim is handled properly. Expert advise is given throughout regarding all repair work. Emergency repairs will be carried out to reduce damage and get you back on your feet as soon as possible. Ongoing settlement works can be carried out by our expert contractors who will transform your damaged property back to new.

Completed Projects


We promise to provide only the best in customer service. You don’t have to take our word for it, our reviews speak for themselves.

Imperial Claims Consultants
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Colin R
Colin R
07:42 17 Apr 21
Insurance companies – knights in shining armour or charlatans? If you have suffered an incident that leads to a significant insurance claim, as I have, you will quickly find out the answer to this question! The image portrayed by these organisations in their advertising campaigns gives the impression that clients need not worry in the event of any sort of domestic catastrophe, they will jump in in an instant, and everything will be sorted out very efficiently by teams of experts… Nothing could be further from the truth. Make no mistake, these businesses are not there to help you, they exist to create revenue, this is their primary function. Submission of a claim is simply in conflict with their core objective so don’t be naïve enough to think your not going to have a fight on your hands…This is where Imperial Claims Consultants step in. These guys don’t just help you fight your corner, they remove you from the ring then step and fight for you? The insurance companies’ direct employees are mostly those engaged in collecting your money, i.e. not experts in the field of insurance claims, so they subcontract this to independent loss adjusters operating with the specific objective to minimize the cost of the claim. The term ‘loss adjuster’ is a bit misleading as the ‘adjustment’ alluded to here is only going to go one way and that is down! These loss adjusters are experts in their field and know all the tricks of the trade to coerce you into accepting the bare minimum as a ‘fair’ settlement. Unless you are an adept and skilful negotiator, you have no chance against these people, and even if you did try to take them on, you would need to put aside a considerable amount of your own personal time for which there is no payback.Imperial Claims Consultants were recommended to me by an author of a book on personal finance, they were engaged as consultants for the chapter on insurance, they have literally written a book on this subject, so what better testimonial could there... be? Buying your insurance policy, does not cover your home and contents per se. What you have bought, is the right to fight these organisations for the cover that you thought you had bought. You will be up against experts in this fight, so the best strategy, as I found out, was to do exactly what the insurance company did and engaged my own set of experts. Imperial Claims Consultants simply took over the whole process from start to finish and the outcome was outstanding. My Garage was destroyed, and the inside of my house was badly damaged by smoke. You should see it now – WOW! Everything has been restored back to an impeccable standard, and all I had to do was take a step back and let them get on with more
Noel Conway
Noel Conway
20:31 09 Apr 21
I cannot speak highly enough of Dav and his team and how professionally they dealt with water damage to a property I am landlord of in the North East. I currently live in a different country and had a water damage issue to a ground floor apartment which I did not know where to begin to rectify. Thankfully I got in touch with Dav and he really did sort every issue that arose and undertook the works in a very professional and genuine manner. I have no doubt that, had I not Dav and his team dealing with the problem, then I would be no further forward than when the issue was highlighted to me. Thanks Dav
Trustmark Roofingandbuilding
Trustmark Roofingandbuilding
04:19 24 Mar 21
I could not be happier I found Imperial claims consultants, in fact without Dav and his team I would have walked away several times with absolutely nothing.Our Play Cafe suffered a non fault ‘escape of water’ from the flat upstairs which totally destroyed the business. We were left clueless and no where to turn. Dav helped us at every level of dealing with the insurance company, who In my opinion are nothing but ruthless people who do not care about you or your business. All they do care about is how much money they can save and how they can get out of paying out all together.Imperial claims consultants helped us realise what we were entitled to and what you actually pay our insurance for. Employing them to take on our case was the BEST thing I’ve ever done. Their fee is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things and they really do everything possible to make sure you are constantly kept in the loop, understand everything that is going on and do everything they can to ensure you get what you deserve. Which in turn stopped us from giving up and throwing in the towel.Now we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, we have our cafe renovated and looking great again, we are being reimbursed for our loss of earnings and this is all down to the hard work of Dav and his team at Imperial Claims Consultants.I can not thank you guys enough.I hope if a potential customer/person in a similar distressing position is reading this take my word and do not think twice, contact the team.Thank you so so much. Chris Dodds
Frank Nelson
Frank Nelson
17:33 07 Mar 21
We had a cannabis farm in our commercial unit in the North East. Insurers had us worried with their questions so we found Imperial Claims Consultants online and we went with them as they were local. It is actually all you need to do! Just authorise them to act on your behalf and they keep you updated. My Directors were very pleased with the whole process. Thoroughly would recommend Imperial Claims Consultants for managing an insurance claim.
Dan Fionts
Dan Fionts
12:39 06 Mar 21
Very good. Best company and friendly. Got me a good settlement.
Andy Barnes
Andy Barnes
14:58 02 Mar 21
Extremely responsive service and very friendly. I am going with this lot and only 10% !
Martila Samantha
Martila Samantha
23:14 01 Mar 21
These guys have had a look at my paperwork for making a business interruption claim. I've signed up with them because they're only going to charge me 10% plus VAT. The other company wanted nearly 30%. So far so good. I will update my review as this claim moves along. Don't get fooled into paying more than you have to. None of us who have had to shut our businesses and have our livelihoods affected can afford to have leaches trying to steal any income we deserve to be able to claim.
Annie Gross
Annie Gross
21:25 28 Feb 21
I've had my insurance docs reviewed and been told I can make a claim for business interruption through my insurers from this company. I cannot believe just how much I can potentially claim. If this comes off then it will make a huge difference to my company and my family. Thank you to the wonderful team at Imperial Claims Consultants. Very nice friendly people.
Martin Lopez
Martin Lopez
13:01 28 Feb 21
Contacted Imperial Claims on Monday morning and by the afternoon I knew, very sadly, that I wasn't able to claim for business interruption losses on my insurance policy. But I have to say these guys were friendly, efficient and extremely efficient. I would happily use them for any future claims. So nice to deal with lovely genuine people.
Kari Baxter
Kari Baxter
14:53 22 Feb 21
I had a claim which had been rejected and had written it off. I happened to come across these guys some months ago and reached out. Now ok I did get a positive result but it was not everything I was looking for but without these guys and their solicitor I wouldn't haven £55000 sat in my bank account.
P.J. Taylor
P.J. Taylor
23:09 15 Feb 21
Following a devastating and deeply distressing, traumatising house fire we discovered Imperial Claims Consultants Ltd. From day one they proved to be the ultimate consummate professionals offering a personal, extremely friendly and sincere level of service of the very highest quality. Their help, care, patience and support was second-to-none ~simply amazing and truly outstanding. They were so genuinely dedicated to our personal situation that absolutely nothing was ever too much trouble and were always prepared to go the extra mile in order to be of assistance in any way possible. We are eternally grateful to them for providing such an immense and comprehensive level of service during what was obviously a terrible nightmare time in our lives. I would therefore most definitely,wholeheartedly and without any hesitation whatsoever recommend this truly marvellous company to anyone!View less
Karen Rafferty
Karen Rafferty
11:03 07 Feb 21
I'm a landlord with a portfolio of properties and I've had to make claims over the years. My broker never told me about a loss assessor before but I came across these guys from a landlords meeting presentation they did in 2019. They do as they say they will do and they took away all the stress of managing the insurance claim and carried out all the work. Indeed, upon handover my letting agent stated the property was in a better condition that it was before. This company are now part of my care partners group as I look to build my portfolio. Need I say more?
Hannah Bradsworth
Hannah Bradsworth
14:19 12 Jan 21
I have to say I was dubious about what a loss assessor does because neither I nor my family have come across a loss assessor before. But, these guys had to fight every step of the way for us and they triumphed. I wouldn't have had the knowledge let alone the time to respond to the constant suspicions and enquiries the insurers had. Clearly, only in an insurance claim can an innocent person be thought to guilty first. We absolutely needed this company and the same would apply to anyone making an insurance claim. The lady from Imperial Claims Consultants , Kelly, was just simply lovely to deal with. We do heartily recommend them.
Willow Smith
Willow Smith
05:32 04 Jan 21
We used Imperial Claims Consultants for a rather large claim, escape of water, and have to say they do exactly what they say they will do. Downright professional, always available and extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Cannot recommend them highly enough!
06:59 18 Sep 19
I was initially contacted by Dav and his team after a devastating house fire. Despite the fact I was not insured and there was no business in it for them, they were willing to give me expert advice on how to proceed and deal with the various parties such as the council, contractors and lender. They were effectively a "friend in need" at a difficult time; knowledgeable and empathetic.I would have no reservations in recommending them.
Carol Alexander
Carol Alexander
13:55 24 Jul 19
Recently I had the call that all landlords dread - my house had been well and truly trashed! Bricks through windows, external doors damaged and carpeting extremely soiled by dogs. I was pointed in the direction of Imperial Claims Consultants. Within an hour of me being informed of the damage the representative from Imperial Claims Consultants had called me. He was patient and understanding and reassured me of the services that they would undertake on my behalf. I was assured I would have nothing to pay, not even the insurance excess. I was able to contact him at any time, including evenings and weekends. Every call/email was responded to on the same day. I was kept informed of every detail promptly and efficiently. The repair work was arranged and overseen by Imperial Claims Consultants. I didn't have to deal with the insurance company directly, only to give permission for the loss assessors to work on my behalf. The whole stress of the situation was born by Imperial Claims Consultants until all the necessary repairs were completed. I recommend anyone to use this service, don't rely on the letting agents as often they don't have the expertise to deal with these problems. Call Imperial Claims Consultants and receive the best possible advice and support
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