Does your family have a home fire escape plan?

No one ever wants to think of losing their possessions, family or home in a property fire, unfortunately here at Imperial Claims Consultants Ltd, we see the harsh and very sad reality of this on a regular basis.

Every single home should have an well practised escape plan, It is important to plan and practice this and ensure your whole family, especially children, elderly and disabled relatives are clear about what to do in the event of a fire.

Always have property keys easily accessible on the exit route, without having them in the back of the door. Ensure that keys for window locks are also available.

Ensure every family member knows where there phone to summon help if needed.

Teach your children how to dial 999 and make sure they know their address, in case they have to call themselves. Ensure they know to tell the fire brigade which rooms people are in.

Get out and Stay out!

There is some fantastic advice regarding making and carrying out your plan, in this link from Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service.

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