Empty Rental Property Issues

At a conference recently I listened to Richard Lambert, who is director of the National Landlord Association talk about how the number of private rented properties was for the first time ever, greater than that of social housing and how much Local Authorities relied on properties owned by private landlords to assist them with housing due to a shortage of stock.

Today I was driving round the streets of Easington or Horden in County Durham, and I was amazed at just how many properties are severely damaged, boarded up or have security shuttering on the outside.  Many of these look as though they have stood empty for a very long time, when if they were renovated they could be re-let to families or people in need.

These areas tend to have high unemployment levels, which in turn tends to lead to low income, boredom and higher than average levels of crime and disorder.

Many of the houses particularly in Horden, were sold by a local Housing Association for as little as £1, then investors have sold them on to make a quick profit to non resident landlords who now struggle to let these properties, which could be lovely family homes.

Empty properties in these types of area’s are a magnet for illegal activity such as, fly tipping, criminal damage and arson. Properties are owned by landlords and receivers, who may have suffered damage to their properties then simply boarded them up and left them to rot fearing that they won’t be able to let them.

NLA Figures show that in the last 5 years there has been a 60% rise in people needing emergency or temporary accommodation and 66,000 applications to local authority homeless departments around the uk.

Many Landlords, Letting Agents and Property Receivers in these area’s  maybe are unaware of the help Imperial Claims Consultants are able to provide.  We handle and manage insurance claims for landlords, receivers, property and business owners, all at no cost to the insured (Provided our panel of WHICH Approved Trusted Trader contractors are used)..

We are not an insurance company, we do not work for any insurance companies, we are 100% independent and work solely for the insured having  your best interests at heart every step of the way to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome from your claim.

There is also an importance of having the correct empty property insurance for Landlords and Receivers also, as failure to have basic cover would mean that should there be a fire etc, then you won’t be covered under your insurance policy.   It is always advisable to inform your insurance company that the property is empty immediately a tenant moves out and that you require empty property cover.

If you are the Owner, Agent or Receiver looking after a property in the local area, we can help.

Below sets out our full comprehensive service.

Disaster Recovery and Sanitization.

Whether you have used our claims handling service or not, we can supply a disaster recovery service, which can include specialist cleaning and sanitizing using our wonderful product Decon 7.  We also can provide specialist content storage services to a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial organisations.  We can do this for you within a couple hours of your call.

No upfront costs

Use our panel of WHICH Approved Trusted Trader contractors and you’ll never pay a penny out of your own pocket, meaning you can trust us to have your best interests at heart. Our fees are obtained only upon successful payout from the builder, which would be our sister company, Imperial Maintenance Ltd.

Insurance Excess Paid in Full

We carry out the repair work for you and we also pay your insurance excess.

Nationwide  Service

We provide a national service, so we can work on your behalf regardless of where you are in the UK for any residential, rental or commercial property insurance claim. We have offices in the North East, North West and Bedford

Get a better deal

We have been handling  insurance claims for many years, so you’ll benefit from the lessons we’ve learned and contacts we’ve made.  As a result, you’ll get a much better deal than you might have achieved directly.

Faster Payout

We will use our knowledge of the system to speed up the process, so you’ll receive your payout much faster.  In addition, we can ensure emergency payments and access to any other entitlements you have under your policy, such as loss of rent, alternative accommodation, loss of earnings or business interruption etc.

A complete service

We will liaise directly with you or your letting agent and/or broker to sort out the whole insurance claim in terms of any information they hold relevant to the claim.

Save on your insurance

We can offer advice on the best current insurance deals and tell you how to keep your renewal premiums low.  You’ll save money on two counts.

So, what kind of insurance claims can we assist you with?

Anything to do with property insurance claims is the answer and specifically:

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Storm
  • Impact Damage
  • Subsidence
  • Theft
  • Burglary
  • Business Loss

We have reviews from many satisfied customers on our web-site and google pages.

We also offer free policy reviews, as we often find many landlords are not covered sufficiently, this is only usually noticed once a disaster has occurred and Landlords and owners find they are hugely under insured for their rebuild costs, which is much higher than that of the property value.

We are looking to work with Agents, Landlords and Receivers throughout the UK, we can pay good commission for referrals of work and claims.

Please make contact with us to discuss any possible claims in greater detail with no obligation.. We give free advice and are contactable 24/7 365 days a year

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