Faulty Whirlpool tumble dryers – it’s not just carelessness that causes fires

The UK government is said to be stepping in to aid the recall of half a million Whirlpool tumble dryers after 750 house fires were ’caused’ by a massive five million faulty machines.

At Imperial Claims Consultants, we see so many house fires caused by accidents and carelessness, for example chip pan fires or appliances left on overnight, which could have been prevented if people were educated properly on fire safety.

But when a fire is caused by a faulty appliance, there’s often nothing we, as homeowners, can do to prevent it.

The Daily Mail reported: “It emerged earlier this year that more than five million machines had a design fault that has caused at least 750 household fires since 2004, many driving families out of their homes.

“Victims included Jenny Spurr, who was forced to flee her home with her young children in Hampshire after her tumble dryer caught fire.“

This was reported in the Daily Mail on 11 June 2019. Read the full article here and, if your property has been affected by fire, contact Imperial Claims Consultants – we can manage your insurance claim for you and make sure you get every penny you deserve.

Further reading: Whirlpool tells people to unplug tumble dryers immediately – Metro.

Photo for illustration only, taken from one of our own insurance claim records.

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