Faulty Whirlpool Tumble Dryer Recalls Increasing

Recently, there has been a substantial increase in Whirlpool tumble dryers causing fires. This is due, in part, to a design flaw which doesn’t sense when the dryer is in an overheating condition, which then leads to an internal failure, resulting in a life threatening fire. This has prompted The Daily Mail to report the story stating that: “It emerged earlier this year that more than five million machines had a design fault that has caused at least 750 household fires since 2004, many driving families out of their homes.”

UK Government Ensuring Recall

Five million machines and over 750 household fires since that particular model of Whirlpool tumble dryer was introduced. Still, Whirlpool seemed to be dragging its feet when it came to issuing a nationwide recall of the faulty tumble dryer. Finally, the UK government has stepped in to ensure a recall of at least a half a million Whirlpool tumble dryers to ensure they were not built with the fault.

In most cases, a fire is due to user error. This could be not cleaning out the dryer lint trap or the exhaust vents which can fill with dust, lint and other foreign particles which can be very dangerous if ignited. But, in instances where the appliance is at fault, as is the case with Whirlpool’s tumble dryer, faulty design or product manufacture is the main cause of damage to homes and potential injury to people.

Fire Safety Education

For many, unplugging a major appliance such as a washing or drying machine when not in use is not something that we don’t think about, or even do, on a daily basis. At Imperial Claims Consultants, we see this happen more often than it should and the outcome is sometimes bad. We feel that proper fire safety education can help prevent some of the thousands of fires that occur in the UK every year, but appliance manufacturers need to shoulder some of the blame as well.

More recently, one of our clients was busy doing household chores when her Whirlpool tumble dryer failed and sparked a fire in her home. Being elderly, she struggled to get out of the house but the smoke was too much for her. Fortunately, she was saved from the burning building, but she spent weeks in the hospital, recovering from her injuries. Her home will never be the same, but Imperial Claims Consultants is working hard to settle her claim and help her return to a normal life once again.

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