Flood Insurance Claims in North East England


Important information about flood insurance claims in North East England. Let us help you with your Insurance Claim!

If you are a homeowner, landlord, investor and/or a business owner and have suffered an insured loss arising from any of the following:

  • Fire
  • Impact Damage
  • Malicious Damage
  • Flood
  • Escape of Water
  • Storm
  • Subsidence, heave or landslip
  • Earthquake
  • Third party liability claims

Then we as Loss Assessors can help you with all your property damage claims by managing your entire insurance claims process as well as arranging to have the reinstatement works carried out for you.

If our pool of approved and vetted contractors are used to carry out the reinstatement works then you won’t have any fees to pay us for our claims handling service because the builder will pay us this. Further, our approved and vetted builder will also cover your insurance excess for you!

Our role as a Loss Assessor is to work for you and we are thus your specialist helping to balance the scales of justice for you. You might not think that you need our service or the statement made just now seems somewhat over stretched but trust us based upon many years of experience, submitting an insurance claim is far from a smooth or a simple process, in our experience it can be quite a gamble!

An insurance claim can be time consuming; frustrating; genuinely stressful and have quite an impact on you, your tenants, your staff and your customers. Seriously!! Also, do appreciate that the insurers engage a Loss Adjuster to help them manage the insurance claim so it should be the norm for you to engage your own Loss Assessor.

If you don’t engage your own independent Loss Assessor then you leave yourself at the mercy of the insurer and their agent. In this case there won’t be anyone looking after your best interests and acting in good faith for you.

Imperial Claims Consultants are independent, experienced and highly respected Loss Assessors. With over 60 years industry experience you know that all your property damage claims in North East England will be expertly managed.

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    Making a Flood Claim has never been easier

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    Call us on 07943 862190, ideally BEFORE calling your insurance company. Our team will discuss your claim in detail and give you some realistic expectations. We will also advise on emergency repairs and important next steps.

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    We negotiate for you

    We will negotiate with your insurance company, ensuring that every aspect of your claim has been fully considered and  secure for you the best possible settlement. By allowing us to negotiate on your behalf we can protect you from common mistakes that invalidate part or all of your claim.

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    We organise your repairs

    We have a wide range of dedicated, independent, fully vetted contractors who can assist with every part of any works that are required. From essential emergency repairs to prevent further damages to ongoing restoration works, we can help with it all.

    Why Use Imperial Claims Consultants?

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    We only ever work on behalf of people like you, the insured, we never work for the insurance company.

    We manage all of your concerns including

    • Removing the stress of the claims procedure
    • Protecting you from invalidating your claim
    • Ensuring all potential losses are included
    • Helping you to obtain the best settlement from your insurer
    • Advising and managing all repair works
    • What’s more, we offer claims handling on a NO WIN, NO FEE BASIS removing your own risk and stress in these difficult times. Please refer to our Fees Page for full details.

    What we can do for you

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    Professional Claims Handling

    Dealing with a claim is traumatic and stressful and when something happens you want to talk to somebody immediately. Our main office is open from 5am to 10pm every day of the week.

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    Damage Assessment

    We are experienced in dealing with your insurance companies loss adjusters right the way through the settlement. We assess the damages, review the costs and ensure you get everything you are entitled to maximising your settlement.

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    Extensive Experience

    We know just how traumatic a fire can be. We can assist our clients by providing them with help from professionals if required, amongst a whole array of other emergency responses. We’re passionate about your claim and truly do care for our clients.

    No Win No Fee

    No Win, No Fee

    We operate on a No Win No Fee basis with no upfront costs. In the unlikely event that your claim is declined, you won’t have any fees to pay. Should your claim be successful, Imperial Claims charge only a small percentage of the settlement. Please refer to our Fees Page for full details.

    Our team of dedicated loss assessors is on hand to review your claim today.

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