Keep Safe!

Looking through the logs from North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, I noticed the below job.

House fire – Borrowby

Time of call: 1250 hours – 12.04.2018

Crews from Thirsk and  Northallerton have dealt with a fire involving a central heating boiler in a domestic property. Damage was confined to the boiler itself. The cause is believed to be a fault on the boiler and crews used a hose reel and thermal imaging camera.

There has been a huge surge of fires caused by household appliances, for example, boilers, freezers, tumble dryers etc.

It is important to have your boiler checked and serviced annually, to maintain safety.  For landlords, they must provide a CP12/Landlord Gas Safety Certificate annually to comply with regulations to ensure that the boiler is safe and in good working order.

There is also a huge  importance of having working smoke/heat and carbon monoxide detectors which will alert you in the event of an escape of carbon monoxide or fire.  These monitors, could save the lives of you and your family, by giving you early indication of a fire and giving you those extra moments to escape.

However these monitors, need upkeep and checking on a weekly basis to ensure that they are in full working order.  I think we have all, at one time or another, removed the battery as in the picture above, due to the detector constantly beeping when the battery runs low,  however it is important to keep new batteries fitted and keep them clean and dust free, so when you are vacuuming, vacuum the smoke detector too and remember to test the devices at least once every week.

Do you know you can register your domestic appliances online?  In the event of any safety recall notices you will be notified immediately allowing you to take the necessary measures to ensure the issue is rectified to ensure that your home and your family are kept safe.

Follow this link to register your appliances.

It is also essential that all residential, commercial and business properties have a well practiced escape plan and everyone knows exactly what to do in the event of a fire.  Best to be prepared to ensure safety.

Imperial Claims Consultants Ltd, visit fire damaged properties most weeks, we see the utter devastation fire’s have on homes and families lives.

Please be prepared and stay safe!

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