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“Absolutely no win no fee service”

No Win No Fee

Imperial Claims Consultants operate a transparent No Win No Fee service and we don’t charge you any upfront costs. Should your claim be unsuccessful then you won’t have anything to pay.

With regards to fees we have 2 options:

Option One:

1. The fully managed service – where our team of independent and fully vetted contractors carry out the works for you – by choosing this option you would not have any fees to pay us at all. That’s because the contractor(s) would pay our fee. All works are fully project managed for you so you don’t have anything to worry about.

All works carried out by our team come with a full 2 years warranty.

Plus, if you chose this option then the contractor would even pay your insurance excess for you!

Option Two:

2. If you chose to have the works carried out by your own team then we would charge you a small fee. This is typically 10% (plus vat). For larger claims this fee is negotiable.

Remember, if we are unsuccessful in obtaining a successful outcome for you then you don’t have anything to pay us. We fund our own time, so we have strong reasons to achieve maximum settlement of your insurance claim in the shortest possible time, which allows us to offer the No Win No Fee service.

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We only work for the insured and never for the insurers. 

The difference between a Loss Adjuster and a Loss Assessor.

Please don’t confuse us with loss adjusters, a common error. You won’t pay loss adjuster fees either. That’s because they work on behalf of the insurance companies. Loss adjusters are paid to look after the interests of the insurers. As loss assessors, we only work on your behalf. We never ever work for insurance companies. Our sole aim is to ensure you get everything you are entitled to under the terms of your insurance cover.

You can check out our countless testimonials from our happy clients as a testament to our personal claims handling service for all our clients.

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