At Imperial Claims Consultants we’re often asked how much our fees are to handle insurance claims. The easy answer is, if you are insured for loss or damage to your property, then our claims handling service is nothing. Zilch, Zero, Nil. No fees to pay.

Some people say that “no fees” sounds… too good to be true. But it’s the simple truth.

No Fees to Pay

There are some terms that need to be met but, generally speaking, allowing us to use our 80 years of experience to manage your insurance claim, letting us take care of all the rebuilding and reinstatement to your property, need not cost you a single penny.

How is this?  Our service costs you the insured nothing, provided our panel of vetted and approved sub-contractors are used. If we do carry out the reinstatement work for you, we will even pay your insurance excess.

We can still manage your claim if you would prefer to use an external company or sub-contractor, but a claims handling fee would be applicable. This is a small percentage of the total claim value.

There are no up-front loss assessor fees, we fund our own time, so we have strong reasons to achieve maximum settlement of your insurance claim in the shortest possible time.

Furthermore, if you have a contentious or complex claim or if it has been rejected, we can make the difference between receiving a payment or nothing at all.

If for any reason, your claim is not paid out, for example, the incident is not covered under your current insurance policy, there will be no charge by us. At Imperial Claims Consultants we truly are a No Fee company.

Please don’t confuse us with loss adjusters, a common error. You won’t pay loss adjuster fees either. That’s because they work on behalf of the insurance companies. Loss adjusters are paid to ensure the costs to insurance companies are minimised. As loss assessors, we only work on your behalf. We never ever work for insurance companies. Our sole aim is to ensure you get everything you are entitled to under the terms of your insurance cover.

As loss assessors we’re legally obliged to be registered with the Financial Conduct Authority registered firm (registration number 573197). You can check out our countless testimonials from our happy clients as testament to our personal claims handling service for all our clients.

Or view our gallery for before and after views of just a few of the hundreds of insurance claims projects we’ve helped our clients with.

We really are a safe pair of hands…



Imperial Claims is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority, meaning we are authorised to assist insured policyholders with their insurance claims. We work only for you, the policyholder, never the insurance company.

Our service costs you nothing, provided our sister company Imperial Maintenance Ltd and/or its panel of sub-contractors are used. And remember, if we carry out your reinstatement work, we pay your insurance excess! (if an external sub-contractor is used, a claims handling fees may be applicable).

Nicky Middleton, Director
Imperial Claims