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Imperial Claims Consultants are loss assessors that work for you, NOT your insurance company! Let us handle your storm damage claims in Hartlepool and get FREE EXPERT ADVICE to ensure you claim successfully and get the most out of your claim! Our experts will properly access the damage caused to your property, review your policy and put the most complete and comprehensive claim forwards on your behalf. With our NO WIN, NO FEE guarantee and no upfront costs, we are a risk free way to make your insurance work for you!

We can advise on what emergency repair work you can safely undertake whilst you wait for your claim to be processed. Importantly, we can help you avoid common pitfalls when making your claim. If you have already contacted your insurance company it’s not too late! Give us call and speak to our experts now!

Questions about what we do? Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions about our services.

Has your property been damaged by a Storm?

According to the Met Office, over £300 million worth of damage is caused by storms each year. Property owners across the UK end up rushing to get in touch with their insurance companies and start the claims procedure to get their lives back on track. Due to the scale of damage caused by some of these storms, insurance companies are backed up, and customers are finding themselves waiting in-line for hours to talk to a representative. Skip the queues and call our experts and begin your claim today.

Storm Damage - Storm Arwen

Will my home insurance cover storm damage?

A standard buildings and contents insurance policy for your home will almost certainly provide some level of cover for storm damage. Your insurance company may also be liable for providing your a safe place to stay whilst essential repairs are carried out on your home.

  • impact damage
  • water damage
  • roof/wall damage
  • frozen pipes
  • fallen trees
  • loss of power

Emergency Repairs

We recommend undertaking emergency repairs to limit the amount of damage caused whilst you wait for your claim to be processed. However, only some repairs will be covered by your insurance. Our expert claim handlers can advise you which repairs will be covered by your policy avoiding costly mistakes.

Avoiding Common Claim Mistakes

Every insurance policy is different and its important to know what you can and cannot claim for. Nobody wants to battle their insurance company during these stressful times. Accidental damage, fences, hedges and gates are not typically covered even if they are a result of storm damage. There is also minimum requirements for wind speed in your area for the damage to be classed as storm damage. This is alongside a whole variety of nuances insurance companies can use to invalidate your claim.

Our claim experts are seasoned professionals and understand these common pitfalls well. After a thorough review of your policy, we can compile a professional and comprehensive claim encompassing all damages you can include and present it successfully to your insurance company.

What do I need to make an insurance claim?

The most important step you can take is to avoid moving anything before you’ve taken photos of the damage to support your insurance claim. If you are forced to clear any of the damage, ensure you document it thoroughly taking photos at regular intervals.

Next, grab a copy of your insurance policy and give our experts a call on 0191 303 7560. Insurance companies love you to get in touch ASAP but doing this without proper advice and instruction can lead you exposed to accidentally invalidating your claim.

Working with you, our experts will ensure your insurance company is informed of the damage in a timely manner but most importantly correctly to ensure your best chance at a successful claim.

What can I do to protect my property?

Safe Hands VIP Club – Join our VIP Club today!

Our safe hands VIP club is open to all property owners. Membership is only a one off fee of £39 per property

  • Included – Complimentary policy check to ensure you have adequate cover and the right cover.
  • Included – FREE priority claim handling as and when you need to make a claim with a loss assessor appointed by us to help you.
  • Included – Dedicated account manager
  • Included – Special offers and discounts such as a broker who will aim to beat your best quote!
  • Included – Your insurance documents safely stored with us so you don’t have to panic or search for them when you need to claim
  • Included – Our services are just one call away – in an emergency we can act quickly to help you when you need us
  • Included – FREE legal advice up to £1000 per claim
  • Referral reward scheme – help your friends and family benefit from the same cover and be rewarded for helping them!

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