Summer Home Safety

With the onset of some sunshine and warmer temperatures, we often become a little complacent about security of our homes, outbuildings and garages.

We have doors and windows open day and night, as means of easy access to the garden and to let air circulate around our homes. However this is payday for opportunist burglars.

Don’t get caught out by opportunist thieves.

Only this weekend my elderly neighbours had  been enjoying the sunshine in their garden and had their french doors open.  Their garden is surrounded by a 6ft 6 fence and gate, which is locked with bolts in 2 positions.   They popped upstairs to put some washing away, , leaving their french doors open, when they returned not 10 minutes later, someone had entered their home, stolen their laptop, jewellery tv and other belongings.

It had not crossed their minds, that some nimble toerag burglar would literally hop over their garden fence and take their possessions

Below are our top tips for summer home security.

  • If you are in your back garden, please ensure that the front door and windows are securely closed and vice versa
  • If you leave your garden to go upstairs,  secure the doors to ensure no one can take the opportunity to sneak in and take your treasured possessions
  • Keep sheds and garages locked
  • Pack away tools and kiddies toys etc at the end of each day
  • Ensure all ground floor windows are closed each evening
  • Never leave valuables on show near windows, doors or cat flaps
  • Ensure your car keys are not near the front door or any open windows, and if your car has a keyless start ignition, ensure that they are kept well away from the vehicle to prevent thieves using a signal booster to steal your vehicle
  • Pop a lamp onto a timer switch, so it looks like someone is home when you are on holiday or out in the evenings
  • Don’t post your holiday plans on social media and ask a trusted friend or neighbour to keep an eye on your home in your absence
  • Ensure you are fully covered with good quality building and contents insurance.  If you rent your home, your landlord will have insurance for the building however it is essential that you take out your own contents insurance to cover to any damage, thefts or burglaries which may occur.

Relax, stay safe and enjoy the sunshine….

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