Tenants, do you have insurance cover for your possessions?

Here at Imperial Claims, we have recently assisted several landlords following fires at their rental properties.

The Landlords all had good levels of building insurance, including loss of rent cover, meaning their rent will be covered until the property is repaired and is able to be re-let, however not one of the tenants had any insurance cover for their possessions and have lost absolutely everything.

Why risk losing everything you own?

Many people are not aware that Landlords Insurance cover does not cover tenants furnishings or possessions, tenants must take out their own policyFor less than the cost of a takeaway, (around £8-10 per month), tenants can buy contents insurance, to cover their possessions.

It is devastating to attend house fire’s where tenants have lost absolutely everything they possess and do not have the means to replace essential items, like beds, sofas, kids toys, cooker, clothes and TV’s etc.

It is imperative that when you take out an insurance policy, you are careful to answer all questions truthfully and ensure that all information is accurate once your documents arrive.  If you have any changes in circumstances you must tell your insurance company straight away, as failure to do so may result in your claim being denied.

Insurance companies do check the information given in the event of a claim, and have even  been known to check claimants social media accounts to ensure that the claim is truthful and factual.

We understand that money is often tight, however for just a couple of pounds per week, you would have the means to replace your possessions should a disaster occur.

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