I have used Imperial Claims Consultants service in the last few months and the claim has just been very successfully concluded. I am a landlord and live outside the UK.

My property had been maliciously broken into and ransacked which resulted in a huge amount of damage. To further add to this nightmare the letting agents I had been using were not engaging!

I thought OK, it can’t get any worse than this, so I will simply file an insurance claim (my first for a property) and begin to go forwards. The very first email and information sent concerning the claim was swiftly dealt with by my insurance company. However, from that point onward it became extremely torturous, as the insurance company appoints a loss adjuster (think private investigator!), and his job was clearly to act entirely for the insurance company, to undermine and try to refute any claim! If I had not appointed Imperial Claims Consultants at that time I very much doubt that I would have been successful. The seemingly endless amount of questions, posed to me by the loss adjuster, as well as tons of evidence, copies of invoices & receipts, photographs, tenancy documents and so forth required, is an absolute minefield to try to do on your own. Imperial Claims Consultants expert knowledge and guidance together with their in-depth understanding of the insurance policy’s nuances and fine print, along with a considerable amount of time, lead me to that successful outcome.

The truly wonderful thing in all this? It didn’t cost me anything and Imperial Claim Consultants dealt with everything, seamlessly. You can imagine the constant thoughts and worry I had before involving Imperial Claim Consultants; was I covered by the policy? And if the insurers didn’t cover my loss how would I have been able to make good the extensive damage and repairs needed, and all this from outside the UK!

I truly hope in relating this experience it will help others avoid the numerous pitfalls and great anxiety associated with a typical claim. My advice and sincere recommendation is to NOT go it alone but to use Imperial Claims Consultants; you need look no further as they are exemplary loss assessors for your insurance claim.

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