James Palmer

A few years ago I tried to make an insurance claim, it had been 15 years since my last claim. When I rang the insurance company I was confronted with someone whose only role seemed to be to reject the claim regardless of what I was saying or asking. It was an unpleasant time consuming experience. Happily the next time I had to make claim I knew about Imperial Claims Consultants. I simply told them about it and they handled everything from that point, I had nothing to do. The claim was approved and then the works managed by the sister company of Imperial Claims Consultants, Imperial Maintenance. My property genuinely ended better than before the damage occurred and it didn’t cost me a penny, even my excess was paid by Imperial Maintenance. I have to say, the bad news about having to make a claim was turned into very good news. What might have cost me many thousands of pounds was all done at no cost to me and that is the truth of the matter. Imperial Claims Consultants have a wealth of valuable knowledge behind the scenes. Nicky remains calm and professional throughout whatever the update. I have no reservation in recommending Nicky and the rest of the Imperial Claims team, I know they will be my first point of contact for any future claims or advice.

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