Mr Cedric Williams

Like many business owners – it’s essential to be knowledgeable about all that we offer to our customers. My business (Hartlepool Marine Supplies) requires me to have a reasonable knowledgeable about the thousands of products my company offers the Marine industry.

But when we think we “know it all”, sometimes we may be totally wrong. When we suffered a large Flood and considerable damage, with confidence I proceeded to handle the claim myself – “WRONG”.

After a long period I was getting nowhere near a settlement, so ‘admitting defeat’ I looked for the help of a ‘Loss Assessor’. Fortunately – I found the right one (Imperial Claims Consultants). From the first contact – Dav and his colleagues showed a genuine sympathetic interest, and their knowledge of the ‘insurance claims industry’ soon got my claim fully back on track.

With their expert help and guidance, not only did we then move to a good settlement, but more importantly my claim value received was well above what I was likely to have achieved myself.

Conclusion – Don’t let the insurance company Loss adjuster give you the ‘minimum’ (that’s their job), – make the wise decision from the start, and call the loss assessors experts at Imperial Claims Consultants.

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