Rod Bristow

I am a recently retired Mortgage and insurance Broker and I’ve known Imperial Claims Consultants for many years. I had to ask for their assistance recently as I had a small claim in one of my buy to let properties where the claim had been repudiated by insurers.

The Insurers were trying to argue that the property had been unoccupied and therefore the occupancy endorsement should apply and had not been complied with. Imperial Claims Consultants helped me to challenge and overturn the rejection of my claim and then had to truly battle every small aspect of my claim. It appeared that the nominated Loss Adjuster was also unhappy with the claim proceeding, even though by then the insurers had agreed to it.
Thankfully, Imperial Claims Consultants kept at it and we have now received a payment and are near enough achieving a satisfactory outcome. The time and effort that is required defies thinking about, I’m just glad I had my friends at Imperial Claims Consultants to be able to rely on.

My advice to anyone would be if you have an insurance claim, and before you do anything, contact a loss assessor first to work for you, but in my opinion you should contact Imperial Claims Consultants. I am convinced this result would not have happened without their dogged determination and experience. Sincerely thank you.

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