Why should I use a Loss Assessor?

We often get asked the question Why should I use a Loss Assessor? and the simple answer is you will obtain a much faster and greater settlement by using a Loss Assessor than going direct to your insurers.

Why should I use a Loss Assessor?

Won’t my insurance company just handle my claim?

Many people are not aware that our service exists or feel that it sound too good to be true, however this is a regulated business, we are registered and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority therefore we only offer sound, professional and honest help and  advice.

When you make an insurance claim, the insurance company will employ the professional service of a Loss Adjuster, so is it not fair that you should be equally represented.

A Loss Assessors like Imperial Claims Consultants Ltd,  will work solely for you, not your insurance company, therefore they will always have your best interests at heart, however, the Loss Adjuster is there to work solely for your Insurance company.

May people feel that as they have submitted their claim to the insurance company their claim will sail through, we know that is not the case and issues often arise, which need expert help and advise.

We have over 80 years combined experience and expertise handling and obtaining a greater settlement with property based insurance claims, but where we differ from other Loss Assessors, we actually carry out a full service from securing your property, to negotiating the best possible settlement and making good the damage to your property.

Our service costs you the insured nothing, provided our sister company Imperial Maintenance Ltd, a Which? Trusted Trader and/or, its panel of approved contractors are used, if we carry out the reinstatement works for you, we will even pay your insurance excess for you.  Should an external contractor be used, a claims handling fee may be applicable.

This recent article from Mail Online describes further how companies like ours can help.

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